If you are sick of downloading and managing your songs and podcast on your android mobile, it’s time to turn to the internet for a solution. The internet is full of radio stations providing quality music, news, talk shows, and takes you on a journey of fun, discovery, and adventure of a lifetime! The most exciting part of internet radio is that all smartphones nowadays have radio tuner capability if only you can download free radio app for iPhones or FM radio app for Android. Below are 10 free am FM radio app you can download and start listening to quality radio broadcast now!


  1. iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio

The iHeartRadio app gives you access to many radio stations programs because the app has many radio stations under its control. It gives you access to listen to top radio stations where you can listen to music, news, sports, podcast, comedy and other entertainment.iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio


  1. TuneIn Radio

This is a widely used and free international radio app. it offers podcasts, music streaming, sports news. Its channels include CNN, FOX, MSNBC, with sports stations including NFL, MLB and ESPN programs and lots more. The app is available for 7-day free offer and 30-day trial offer. You will find the premium offer more interesting as it is enriching!

TuneIn Radio

  1. Pandora

This is the US only FM radio app for Android, and it’s so cool and popular among internet radio fans. You can listen to your favorite music, news, and talk show, as well as stream, live to enjoy all program for free. The beauty of this app is the personalization to listen to only the songs you choose to listen to, so nothing is shoved down your throat! To use the personalization function, it gives you the facility to create your own station, and you load it with what you want.Pandora radio


  1. Radio USA

This light and fast, free international radio app have a vast collection of radio channels such as BBC world service, Hot 103.5 FM, Country and Comedy 103.1 FM and once you have an internet connection, you are good to go with the app! The app is up for download here.Radio USA


  1. XiiaLive – Radio Reference

This radio app is up for taking on a free and premium offer. The FM radio app for android is world’s largest radio broadcast data provider, and it’s built on a solid background of excellent app development technology. It brings on your mobile device, wide range radio stations and radio personalities to keep you company all day long. It is available in 23 languages and allows you to record and listen to your favorite program. The app is available for download here.XiiaLive – Radio Reference


  1. Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM

This is a versatile FM radio app for Android. It supports more than 40,000 radio stations and available everywhere you go. The Streema Inc developed the app is an am FM radio app, and it’s used by over 5 million radio enthusiasts monthly. There is no annoying buffering when in use and it’s effortless to use. It is available for download here.Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM


7.       Audials

This is a simple but features packed FM radio app for Android. It gives you access to more than 50 thousand radio stations from around the world and is fully packed with varied music genres from top artists and hit songs. It gives you control to record your favorite song while you listen to it and offers podcasts which you can listen to at your convenience.


8.       Dash Radio

If making music choice is your thing, this is the radio app for you. This app gives you the facility to select your kind of music and also gives you the privilege of choosing the stations you would like to have. The search facility allows you to search for your preferred DJ based on the app and will enable you to view new station playlist, history, and schedule so you can decide to include it or not in your playlist.

dash radio

  1. PCRadio

Do you like to have your music well organized? This app does that for you with perfection! Whether its pop, rock, metal or what have you, you get your music sorted into various categories upon launching the app. this free international radio app allows you to favorite your preferred radio station so you can access it later. The app has an inbuilt equalizer to modify your sound production output.


10.   Radio.net

This app offers free and premium versions and gives you unfettered access to more than 30 thousand local and international radio stations, podcast and internet radios. One feature I like with this app is the alarm clock which wakes me to meet up with my early morning appointments. You can download the app here.Radionet