San Jose is an iconic town with over a million population playing a strategic role in Silicon Valley and the largest in northern California. This populous United States city proud of receiving about 102 radio stations over its airwave but it is good to know San Jose radio stations you can connect with daily.

10 top radio San Jose

  1. KSJS

This is San Jose latest in Ground Zero Radio called 90.5 FM KSJS located at San Jose University’s radio station. This station is focused on upcoming music to the Bay Area community and to wider audiences. This is among San Jose FM radio stations broadcasting 24/7 with show categories including Talk, Alternative, Jazz, Sub-Rock, and Electronic with listening audience among teenagers and young people. Go here now to listen to cool music on KSJS radio.KSJS radio

  1. Bolly 92.3 FM

Bolly is a San Jose radio online that is providing cool radio service to the community. It is offering music, News, and Entertainment to the community. The station offers round the clock public announcement for commercial and public service announcements. You are sure of getting top-level information and entertainment on Bolly 92.3 FM station. For a program schedule, check here.Bolly 92.3 FM

  1. Univision 100.3 FM

Univision 100.3 FM is a Spanish San Jose FM radio station with the vision to be the voice of new America providing understanding, engagement and empower the consumer to learn more, know more and do more. You can get more information about the company on its English service website here. To listen to its radio broadcast go here.Univision 100.3 FM

  1. KFox 98.5

The KFOX 98.5 FM is south bay’s Classic rock San Jose FM radio station licensed to San Jose community as a public broadcasting service provider. The radio station features Chris Jackson. Celeste Perry, Nancy Newcomer, the men’s room and air commercial-free 9 to noon radio broadcast. Listen to your favorite playlist here.KFox 98.5

  1. 5 KAMB Celebration Radio

101.5 KAMB FM station was launched in November 1967 with a mission to inspire people to know Jesus and live by the standard of Jesus Christ. The media outfit air programs gears towards affirming faith standard and expand the gospel of the kingdom through transformational radio broadcast. Services include Music, inspirational and motivational talks. Its programs include Bible teaching and promotion of spiritual growth among its listeners. KAMB is non-commercial and works to serve the needs of its listeners. Find out more here.5 KAMB Celebration Radio

  1. MIX 106 FM

Mix 106 FM is a popular San Jose radio online and a member of Alpha Media-owned stations. Like most contemporary San Jose FM radio stations Mix 106 FM is the station to be when you need cool and assorted music. It features contests where the audience can enter to win prizes and connect with their favorite presenters. The station also serves commercial adverts for local business people to advertise their products and services. It also features live music streaming, try it here now!MIX 106 FM

  1. KBAY 94.5 FM

Bay 94.5 FM is a member of Alpha Media San Jose FM radio stations. The station serves the Bay area people with cool music, and also features the Bay FM Mobile radio App to keep you going all day long. This San Jose radio online provides community services including event reporting, traffic update, a celebration of teachers and 60 seconds on the south bay program for enlightenment about the Bay area community. Check out the radio live music stream here.KBAY 94.5 FM

  1. KLOK 1170 AM

Whether you are looking for Christmas radio station San Jose or radio shack San Jose, this bay area community boasts of quality online radio among them is Desi 1170 AM station. It’s a station dedicated to your favorite songs which you can download over the high speed streaming network to wet your music appetite. The KLOK 1170 AM serves a diverse set of shows for your listening delight. Check here for various shows and schedule the time to listen.KLOK 1170 AM

  1. KLIV 1590

This is home to country tunes, and you will have a good dose of celebrated artists like Reba, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and Tim McGraw and lots more. Do you need the 80s, 90s, or 2000s tunes? Go here now, seven days a week for the top country beat!KLIV 1590

  1. KLOVE

Klove radio is radio San Jose bible inspired station where Christian values are core and impact the station’s program and audience service. The station desires to create compelling media to inspire and encourage its listeners for a meaningful relationship with the gospel of Christ. Its programs feature Bible study and build faith in God for the extraordinary life of Christ impartation. You can stream your live cool gospel music here, right away!KLOVE radio