Despite the availability of various entertainment aspects in the modern days, a considerable number of people still prefer listening radio stations. Thanks to the modern technology, radio stations now go online with the assistance of smartphone apps. Radio Moldova is such special radio app that brings you a collection of Moldova Radio stations to your palmtop with an incredibly convenience. What is Radio Moldova Radio Moldova is designed targeting Moldavian listeners who prefer both entertainment and news stations. In simplest terms, Radio Moldova is an infotainment app that combines both entertainment and information together. This respective app consists of a variety of popular moldova radio stations such as Radio Moldova Tineret, radio Moldova Actualitati online, and Russkoe radio Moldova. Features This app is specially designed and developed for those who are interested in listening to the leading Moldova radio stations.

Here are some of the special features of this app.

  • It brings a range of Moldova radio stations together
  • Radio online Moldova has a very user-friendly interface
  • Simplified interface that gives access to your favorite radio stations just with a tap
  • Uninterrupted entertainment on your palmtop
  • Access to your favorite radio stations even if you are in outside of Moldova
  • 21 popular radio channels at one place
  • Totally free app with no subscription.
  • Sleep timer to save data and batteryradio station

List of radio stations Here are the radio stations broadcasted through radio online Moldova.

  • Russkoe radio Moldova
  • radio Moldova Actualitati online
  • Radio Moldova Tineret
  • Pro FM
  • Jurnal FM
  • Kiss FM Chisinau
  • Maestro FM
  • Aquarelle FM
  • Radio Noroc
  • Muz FM

radio moldova guide And 11 other popular channels Technical specifications Let’s take a look at the most essential technical specifications associated with this app radio.

  • Current Version: Radio Moldova 1.0
  • Supported Android version: Android 4.1 (Android Jelly Bean) or later
  • Subscription Fee: None (Free)
  • Ads: Yes

Benefits Here are some of the benefits associated with this Android App.

  • You can gain access to 21 Moldavian radio stations over internet for free
  • Easy to use application that comes with a simplified interface
  • Lightning fast performance
  • Low impact on battery life

So if you are a fan of Moldavian Radio channels and were looking for a sophisticated app to access them using your Android device, this can be the right kind of solution for you.   radion ec