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While we live in a truly digital world today, the popularity of radio endures. In our truly global economy, the popularity of radio can be found among listeners all over the world.

From Auckland, New Zealand, to Anchorage, Alaska. From London, UK to Los Angeles, USA. From Tokyo, Japan, to Buenos Aires, Argentina. From the biggest cities in the world, to some of the most remote regions on Earth.

Yes, the popularity of radio is truly a phenomenon. For even in the era of the online age, radio remains hugely popular.

And in fact, it is only set to grow further! As more and more of the world changes in technology, and goes through digitisation, harnessing the advantages and building for the future with radio in the digital era is essential. The shift towards the online engagement with radio will create a new conversation in a new generation about what it means to listen and enjoy radio. This is something consumers will do, but it is also essential professionals in the radio industry take the lead.

They need to be proactive. They need to be agile. They need to be truly dynamic in providing offerings and pursuing solutions to new challenges, so as to ensure this era is one of real opportunity for all in the business of sending out content across the airwaves daily.

So, what does this mean for you and your station? What needs to change to ensure your business harnesses the advantages of this new era as opposed to being overwhelmed by it? It means it is today time to create an app.

A radio app is an outstanding way to bridge the divide between old and new. To give our longstanding and enduring cultural love of radio a contemporary update. To make more accessible radio listening for all fans.

Anytime. Anywhere. And on any device. Our team is proud to create cutting edge apps we know you will love. Apps that are powerful, user friendly, and seek to deliver you a cutting edge advantage in a competitive market.

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