We all have our preferences when it comes to what we like in radio program. Whether you love listening to Christian Radio Dallas or you find Dallas Cowboys Radio interesting, the following Dallas Radio Stations will help you get what you need. The apps are free just in case you want more time with your favorite radio station. Almost all smartphones now have radio apps made specifically for them, just find what is suitable for your phone and there you go!

  1. AFR

Afr is an initiative of America Family Association. It is set up to provide information, to equip and strengthen individuals with the moral background of American culture and Christian values. The objective is to promote the essence of Christendom for the achievement of AFA mission which is championing Christian activism. This radio station is for people who want a change to the ugly trend of waywardness, ungodliness, and depravity facing the American society and the world at large. The radio promotes Christian values aimed at making the community safer! Click here to download the radio app for your mobile.dallas radio app 2018

  1. 1 KEGL The Eagle

This app gives you music and talk show on the Eagle KEGL radio. This rock station will make your day, although be ready to tolerate some talks with Cindy Skull because she seems to talk more about last night TV show she saw, not to worry, if I can find her tolerable, I bet you too can. The eagle uses iHeartRadio app, and you can count of quality and smart app because it’s got the support and resources to make it great; you won’t regret using this app. Go here if you love rock n roll music and some chit-chat talks.

  1. Lonestar92.5

If listening to classic rock is your thing and want a place to have enough of it, this is the radio station to choose. Lone Star 92.5 comes on your mobile device with iHeartRadio app to enjoy unlimited classic Rock music genre with Bo & Jim on the console setting the airwave on fire from 6 am to 10 am. Expect Jeff and Ted McKay for the afternoon and night shifts. Go with Lone Star 92.5, and you are secured on timeless classic rocks and round the clock entertainment.

  1. The Beat 97.9

This is a KBFB 97.9 website treating you to unstoppable music that will rock your day 24/7. It’s a place of great personality, seasoned broadcasters to treat you to a world of fun, music, news, advertisement and many more information and educational issues. You will get filled with fresh, undiluted quality radio content that you won’t want a moment break from the radio. Connect with the radio here and find your music here for all-day music enjoyment.dallas radio app free

  1. ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM

ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM, also known as KESN FM, talks sport feeding sports lovers in Dallas and the environs up to date sports news and event since 2001. This station is the flagship of Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks serving sizzling sporting information to all sports followers. If you would like to know more about your club as a loyal fan, this is the station to listen to where you will find popular broadcast with Mike and Mike in the morning, join Dennis and Friedo and keep track with the Herd with Colin Cowherd. You don’t want to miss Matt Mosley and Tim Cowlishaw for the Afternoon bit!

There is no better way to keep track without your Dallas Cowboys’ radio live app which gives you exceptional access to your favorite radio on your phone device. With advancement in communication technology, most radio online Dallas Cowboys are on the internet serving quality music, news and educating talk shows. You can connect with any of the radio stations listed above to keep your day active!