Advancement in mobile devices and internet application is revolutionizing the way society is functioning. Radio stations, like millions of businesses, are now on the internet to present quality program and services for their teeming audience. To complement the improved service and use of technology, the London Radio app was developed to give users of iPhones and iPad the opportunity to connect with London Radio Stations to receive its live programs and even stream for later use. Users can stream news, music, educational and motivational talks aired on classic FM London Radio Station and many more.

London Radio app gives access to music and news on the radio

Radio is widely traveled surpassing many other communication services, but the birth of the internet which is a global communication infrastructure has provided a golden opportunity for Radio Stations to reach a global audience. Therefore, iPhones and iPad users can have unfettered access to series of music genres, news bit, and informational, educational and motivational talk shows on radio. Hence, both students and working-class audiences can now have unrestricted access to London England Radio Stations online. This is possible by downloading a copy of London Radio app on your iOS device and you are radio app

About the app

The Ion Dandilov marketed app is designed to bring quality London Radio Stations to your iPhones and iPad devices for free. The app gives you access to a long list of top online radio programs happening live in the city of London including news piece, the music of all genres, sports update to follow your favorite sports club on the radio. The app serves you as long as you meet the criteria for download with iOS version 9 and above.

Features of the app (80)

  • No need to register before use. The app gives you access as long as you downloaded it to listen to high quality music, news, and useful information.
  • Filter category. This feature allows you to know the real frequency you are looking for without guesswork.
  • Listen and stream live music. London Radio app is packed with high quality music genres to rock your day in happiness. You have unlimited access to hip-hop, rock, classical, hard rock, jazz, folk and lots more.
  • Access to local and international news. Anywhere you go the London Radio app gives you access to different local and international news across different London Radio Stations.
  • Free to use. London Radio app is free to download and use with no hidden charges; provided you meet the essential device requirement, it’s all your for free!
  • Play any station without drops. The London Radio app is stable and offers reliable way to listen to your favorite radio app review

Who can use London Radio app?

The app is available for iOS device users from version 9 and above including iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. If your device meets this requirement, you can proceed to Apple Store to download a copy of the device which is about 13.7MB in size. The app is free to download, and you don’t have to register before using it.


  • Quality radio program everywhere you go. Once you downloaded London Radio App, you just got the license to access London England Radio Stations online. It delivers quality radio programs including music of all genres, news, and information on your fingertips.
  • Easy to use. Using the app is like using any other app on your device no special lesson or reading a user manual before use; it’s so easy to use!


How to download

It is easy to download. Go to apple store and search for the London Radio, click the icon to download and after its done, click the icon to install and start using the app.


London Radio app is feature packed, and it is free! Users of this app are enjoying unlimited access to London radio stations including kiss radio London listen live to rock your day with high-quality vibes! London Radio app enjoys high rating from its users, and you can download it today and start using it; it’s free!