The world is changing and so we must! The era of the need to buy a radio set to listen to a radio station is over, what trends now is radio app replacing radio tuner! Many radio stations are measuring up to the challenge and as we speak many of them are coming up with live radio station app so you can listen to the station on your mobile device. If you own a Smartphone, the following stations have apps you can use to listen to their programs.

  1. BBC Radio 6 — United Kingdom

The BBC Radio 6 was launched in 2002 to join the BBC family of radio stations. It is a digital only station with the aim to broadcast quality music from around the world including jazz, soul and other cool music. BBC 6 has versatile app for iPlayer radio android app download. You can download for Android here, and for iOS here.

bbc radio

  1. WQXR 105.9 FM — New York

This station is among the finest and profoundly listened to radios in the world. It is among the first of its kind and being the oldest; you can expect something novel about this station. It is the place to seek the right tune of music and get a good dose of quality radio programming. With advancement in technology, even more, people can listen to this station through its live radio station app which you can download for iOS here, and go here to download for android.


WQXR 105.9 FM — New York

  1. KCRW 89.9 FM — Santa Monica, California

This station was established in 1945 for the training of ex-servicemen in the emerging radio technology. Over time, it has evolved into a merry-making channel with quality music churning out of its console like wildfire! If you need well-curated music and best tunes of the moment and hot news, this is the station to be. Get the radio station tuner app for your mobile and keep a date with its program. Download for android, and for iOS.

KCRW 89.9 FM — Santa Monica, California

  1. WAPS 91.3 The Summit

For unique radio format and programming, this radio is on the leading track. The live radio station app is there to get you connected to excellent radio programming and satisfy your urge to keep track with the station for its outstanding programs. Visit the station to download the app and start enjoying quality radio services.

WAPS 91.3 The Summit

  1. Cinemix

If you are looking for a radio station dedicated to the quality soundtrack, a station that plays exclusive film songs, you got one in Cinemix radio. It highlights quality works of iconic film composers including Hans Zimmer, John Williams and many more. Its radio station tuner app will keep you on track. Download for iOS, and Android.


  1. KUTX 98.9 FM — Austin, Texas

This is a University of Texas radio located in Austin. It showcases quality music genres from indie and pop to disco and other genres including Latin. Expect excellent curate of the eclectic mix of shows, and it’s a place to look for the unexpected. Get the app store radio station apps and download for Android and iOS devices as applicable to you.

KUTX 98.9 FM — Austin, Texas

  1. KUSF 90.3 FM — San Francisco

Here is where extremely varied sounds of the Bay area converge! Music keeps us closer to home, and you can get a good dose of bay area music from this station. Even more excellent is the availability of its radio station tuner app on app store radio station apps. Download available for android here, and iOS here.

KUSF 90.3 FM — San Francisco

  1. WWOZ 90.7 FM — New Orleans

Here is the meeting of New Orleans fames jazz, bounce, soul, R&B and classical music you can find in one place, WWOZ 90.7 FM station! Get the live radio station app and settle for an endless supply of cool New Orleans music. The radio app is available for download here for Android, and here for iOS.

WWOZ 90.7 FM — New Orleans

  1. WFMU 91.1 FM — Jersey City, New Jersey

This is the longest running private radio house and a champion of internet radio broadcast in the US. This is a listener-centric radio station and does everything for the pleasure of its listeners. The radio station tuner app is available for download here for Android, and here for iOS.

WFMU 91.1 FM — Jersey City, New Jersey

  1. Dublab — Los Angeles

This is an Internet-only radio station broadcasting cutting edge live music of the DJ universe 5 days weekly. It offers live shows through its website. Its list of DJs includes the big and mighty including Daedelus, Flying Lotus, Teebs. The station provides new apple radio app you can download here.

Dublab — Los Angeles