There are lots of times you get bored, and you just want to listen to something refreshing, sweet and relaxing. It might not be just music you want to hear; it might be contemporary issues or latest music. But the one problem you have is how to get what you want. Don’t worry Las-Vegas Radio App has got you covered. You get unlimited access to more than 50 FM radio stations and not just that, you can take your radio with you everywhere you go!

Las-Vegas Radio App is the solution

Music is life! With this app, you get unlimited access to more than 50 FM stations. You will find this app useful regardless of your age, gender, and faith. Is it Christian radio stations in Las Vegas or rap radio station in Las Vegas, we have them all. And that is not all; we also have lots of Las Vegas hip-hop station options you can choose. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the vibes!

About Las-Vegas Radio App

Las Vegas Radio is a free downloadable app that gives you access to all the music, gist, and news you want. The 12.6 Megabyte app is richly packed with Las Vegas FM radio stations that you can listen to within minutes. It is easy to use and allows you to stream your favorite music or religious radio program and keep it on your mobile device. You can only download this app to an IOS device.


  • Free downloadable app
  • Easy to use interface
  • Stream radio programs
  • Free use (No Payment Required)
  • Save favorite music on your mobile device
  • Unlimited access to the best local radio stations in Las Vegas
  • 24/7 available radio stations

las vegas radio app

Who can download Las Vegas App

The app is available for free download for anyone above the age of 4. It is available on IOS 9.0 or later versions of iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The app puts you in charge of what radio stations you want to listen to, and it also allows you to save that program on your device so you can listen to it later.


  • Unlimited selection. This app is not restricted to a local radio station in Las Vegas. Once you download the app, you have unlimited access to all the radio stations. The best rap radio stations in Las Vegas, the Christian radio stations in Las Vegas Las, the Las Vegas Hip Hop Radio Stations and the best local radio stations in Las Vegas, you have access to all of them.
  • It is free. The exciting part of the app is that it is entirely free. No hidden charges and annoying messages immediately you download the app. The app is free and easy to use, so you have no problem with the app. Just download the app and enjoy yourself.
  • Easy to use. You do require a tech certificate to access the app; it is easy to download, install and use. So you don’t have any problem with the app when it comes to using it.
  • Fast and Easy Access. As I said, the app is free, and you wouldn’t find any hidden charges or annoying messages popping up immediately you download the app. You can enjoy your favorite programs and great features once you installed the app on your mobile device.


  • It is only available for IOS devices. The only con of the Las Vegas radio app is that it is restricted to IOS devices, so if you are using an Android device, you won’t be able to download the app.

las vegas app description

How to download

You can only have access to the Las Vegas radio app if you are using an IOS device (IOS 9.0 and later versions). Go to your Apple store, search for Las Vegas radio app, and you will see it immediately. Click on the app and download. Your app would be ready in minutes, so you can start streaming and save your favorite music and news.


If you love listening to music and contemporary issues and wouldn’t afford to miss them for a day, this app is for you. All you need is pick up your mobile device, go to your apple store and download the Las Vegas radio app. Choose your best Las Vegas FM radio station to give you the best of your favorite music, gist, and religious talks.

You can get more information on the Las Vegas radio app here.