Toronto Radio app Review

The role of Radio stations in modern society has grown remarkably from the tradition of mere news broadcasting to full entertainment, and latest information dissemination. In the past radio listeners used to be the working class who needs regular information on the economy, political space and a bit of music. However, radio in the modern sense has the full capacity of providing 24/7 entertainment, hot news and unlimited music genre cutting across every sphere of the society with target audience among all classes including old and young people. Interestingly, listeners using iOS devices can receive Toronto online radio stations free using Toronto Radio App we are about to review.

Solution to music and news for iPhones and iPad users

Users of iPhones and iPad can have access to unlimited live radio Toronto with Toronto Radio app. The app connects users to Toronto online radio that are broadcasting daily on Toronto airwaves but have their presence on the internet. The app is available for free, and it’s a powerful entertainment tool in the hands of music-loving and trendy issue followers. As long as the user is connected to the internet, there won’t be fluctuation in connection as sometimes experienced with radio devices and it is available as long as you are on the internet.

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About the app

The Toronto Radio app is designed to serve music, news, and information seeking an audience with iPhones and iPad, devices. There is mover than 50 Radio stations including FM radio Toronto and other radio stations across the world. The app provides a streaming facility that allows its users to stream live radio programs now to listen to at a later date. The app is available 24/7, and it’s free to users; no hidden cost! Toronto Radio app aims to give its iOS users the pleasure of listening to their favorite radio program anywhere anytime!

Features of the app

  • Play, listen and stream favorite radio stations and programs without drops
  • Exclusively iOS. Toronto Radio app is available only for iPhones and iPad using iOS v 9 and above
  • Free download. The app is available for download on your mobile device for free
  • Available only on App Store. The app is available for download on App Store for iPhones and iPad users
  • 24/7 availability. Feedback from existing users shows that the app is always available wherever you need it.

Who is Toronto Radio app for?

The app targets young and old people who cherish cool music, hot news and for students who need facts about events and happenings in and around the world. The reggae radio station Toronto provide an assortment of reggae music for reggae lovers around the globe and the FM radio Toronto never failed to treat its listeners to fantastic radio programs every day. Students and working-class people have good reasons to have the app to meet their lifestyle.

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  • Free to download. Toronto Radio is free for all its users with no hidden charges
  • Easy to use. Once downloaded, Toronto Radio app is easy to use. Just launch the app, and the tuner is live to serve you your over 50 live radio stations from around the world
  • The app allows users to filter by category for faster location of your favorite radio station.
  • It keeps you company. The app is the right buddy for keeping you relaxed and stress-free at work or while you study.
  • Unlimited live streaming. The app gives users the license to download live programs – music, motivational talk, news, and devotional.


  • Available only on iOS v 9 and above. The only minus I see for this app is the exclusive use of iOS devices from version 9 upward.

How to download

You can download Toronto Radio app by visiting App Store and locate the app icon. Click the icon once, and your app is already downloading. After download, click to activate and you are good to listen to your favorite radio stations from around the world.


Toronto Radio app is revolutionary and continues to improve from time to time following the path of new technology advancement. Our rating of this app across the board is 10/10 giving availability, quality program and ease of use. If you want to listen to Toronto Radio Stations free, this is the app for you.