Sometimes you just want to have something new to stay refreshed and relaxed. Is it music, latest news or even listen to contemporary issues that you want?  You only wish to have unlimited access to all the radio stations and FM radio Chicago to keep you informed of happenings around you. That is not all; you still want to be on the go, do what you want with your favorite Chicago radio stations right there with you.

Chicago Radio app is the solution

You want quality radio tunes to keep you company all day while you work. You sure want to listen to a quality radio program, don’t you? And what better way to do that than stay tuned to your favorite radio than using Chicago Radio App? We are all on the go, but nothing best meet your cool music needs than hooking up with your favorite Chicago radio online to give you the latest, evergreen and cool music to tune up your day.

About Chicago Radio App

Chicago Radio is a free downloadable app that gets you started with enjoying your favorite music and news bit on the radio within minutes. The 12.6-megabyte app is feature-rich, featuring unlimited music downloads. It gives you the privilege to stream your favorite radio program, and keep it on your mobile device for future reference. You can download the app from Apple store for free.


  • Stream live music on the radio
  • Lifetime free use
  • Downloadable app
  • Play music on your mobile device and keep for life
  • Gives you access to broader radio programs
  • Access to best Chicago radio stations
  • Radio program available 24/7 and for life
  • Cloud support to enjoy family connection up to six family members can use the app

Chicago radio app stations

Who can download Chicago radio app

The app is available for free download on iOS 9.0 or later versions of iPhones and IPad devices. The app put you in control of what radio stations in Chicago you want to listen to and also allows you to stream on your device to hear it later and keep for as long as you want.


  • Easy to use. It takes a second to turn on your app and start enjoying your favorite music and radio programs. Although it is recommended to subscribe to enjoy the program, you don’t have to sign on to start using it. No account creation needed!
  • Free for life. The best part in using Chicago raid is that it’s free for life. Yes, no hidden charges or receiving annoying messages to do one thing or the other before using the app. when they say it’s free, you better believe it because it comes at no cost.
  • Easy access. You can begin to enjoy your favorite radio program the minute you complete the download process. The app needs to reside on your device for you to enjoy the complete features and have fun. Just look for the download icon, tap, and it will start downloading immediately!
  • Wider selection. This is not an app that does half the job it’s meant to do. Once you downloaded the app, you have access to all Chicago radio stations without exceptions! As long as you are online, Chicago public radio, as well as best Chicago radio stations, is within your reach.


  • It’s an iOS-only app. the downside of the Chicago radio app is the restriction to only iPhones and iPad devices.


How to download

You can have access to Chicago radio app if you have iOS 9.0 and later versions. Connect to the internet and go to Apple Store to find the app. Click on the app and there you go; your app should be ready in some seconds to connect to Chicago radio online and serve you your favorite program menu.



If listening to music while you work is your thing and you want assorted of it, we recommend you pick up your mobile device now and download Chicago radio app for your listening enjoyment. Get your preferred FM radio Chicago to serve you the best of blues, rock or hip-hop music. Don’t stay behind on hot news as you connect to the best Chicago radio stations for reliable news.

You can get more information on Chicago radio app here, enjoy!