We are at a period when you can get almost anything you wanted as long as you have your smart mobile device with you. In the past, your phone needs an in-built FM tuner to connect with radio stations, but improvement in technology has made that obsolete. If you are a proud owner of iPhones mobile device today, you can access all Los Angeles public radio without needed a tuner fitted phone. In fact, you can have the best radio in Los Angeles just by downloading free Los Angeles radio app on your phone. But does the app work and won’t cause my phone to become unstable? Keep reading, and you will find the answer to this vital question you just asked.

Get free music and news with Los Angeles Radio App

We wake up to new technology knocking our doors every day! A few years back who will imagine having unlimited access to quality music and news for free on their mobile phone. Apart from apps to buy our favorite items from the grocery without leaving the comfort of our home and have it delivered to us, we can now get our favorite music on the radio for free without owning a radio set by downloading the Los Angeles radio app which connects us to radio Los Angeles online.

About Los Angeles Radio app

Los Angeles Radio app is designed to work with Phones and iPad to provide the function of an inbuilt FM tuner so that iPhones and iPad mobile devices can access Los Angeles FM radio station. It gives iPhones users the privilege of streaming live radio content whether news, music or talk show for free. That means you can listen to any radio station in Los Angeles and if you like, you can stream it so that you listen to it at a later date.Los Angeles Radio app

Features of the app

  • Fresh and intuitive interface with Clean and neat design
  • Get music from your hometown
  • Access to over 50 Los Angeles FM radio stations
  • Free access to Los Angeles public radio and local stations from around the world
  • Play any stream without drops, even if you are not signed on
  • Freedom to listen to live music, news and talk show 24/7
  • Discover new and best radio, Los Angeles
  • The app is designed to work on iPhones and iPad
  • You can download it for free

Is Los Angeles radio app for you?

The Los Angeles radio app is only for iPhones and iPad users. The app offers free online FM broadcast streaming over the internet, and it is available for download for iOS 9.0 versions and above. You will need to download the app on your mobile phone to use it. Anyone can download it as long as you meet the essential device requirement.Los Angeles Radio Stations description

Pro & cons

From the available information on Los Angeles Radio App, users who are already using the app have cheering feedback. The following Pros and Cons sum up the feeling of users about the app.


  • It’s free. Available feedbacks show this app to be free with no hidden charges. As long as you meet the device requirements, you can go online and download the app and start using it as long as you wish.
  • Family sharing. The app brings the family together and can support up to six family members, all users sharing content and have fun.
  • Live streaming. It allows you to stream live content and listen later if you are busy at the time the broadcast is live!
  • Share content. If you streamed content and you need to share with your friend or family, it is a rare privilege you can’t get even if you own a radio set. You can access the content anytime.


How to download

To download the app, go to your apple store and search for Los Angeles Radio app, find the download icon and click to start the download. Launch the app when the download is complete and start using it.


We know you love music and having an app that helps people achieve their heart desire is plausible. We didn’t find any issue of bug with the app, and in case there is a problem, the support service will handle your situation. Therefore, we recommend this app to access the best radio Los Angeles for free! Click here now to download the app.