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Author: Richard Lynch

Top 10 free radio apps in 2018 year.

If you are sick of downloading and managing your songs and podcast on your android mobile, it’s time to turn to the internet for a solution. The internet is full of radio stations providing quality music, news, talk shows, and takes you on a journey of fun, discovery, and adventure of a lifetime! The most exciting part of internet radio is that all smartphones nowadays have radio tuner capability if only you can download free radio app for iPhones or FM radio app for Android. Below are 10 free am FM radio app you can download and start listening...

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Find on itunes Toronto Radio app free.

Toronto Radio app Review The role of Radio stations in modern society has grown remarkably from the tradition of mere news broadcasting to full entertainment, and latest information dissemination. In the past radio listeners used to be the working class who needs regular information on the economy, political space and a bit of music. However, radio in the modern sense has the full capacity of providing 24/7 entertainment, hot news and unlimited music genre cutting across every sphere of the society with target audience among all classes including old and young people. Interestingly, listeners using iOS devices can receive...

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San Jose Radio Top list 2018

San Jose is an iconic town with over a million population playing a strategic role in Silicon Valley and the largest in northern California. This populous United States city proud of receiving about 102 radio stations over its airwave but it is good to know San Jose radio stations you can connect with daily. 10 top radio San Jose KSJS This is San Jose latest in Ground Zero Radio called 90.5 FM KSJS located at San Jose University’s radio station. This station is focused on upcoming music to the Bay Area community and to wider audiences. This is among...

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New Dallas Radio – top 5 2018

We all have our preferences when it comes to what we like in radio program. Whether you love listening to Christian Radio Dallas or you find Dallas Cowboys Radio interesting, the following Dallas Radio Stations will help you get what you need. The apps are free just in case you want more time with your favorite radio station. Almost all smartphones now have radio apps made specifically for them, just find what is suitable for your phone and there you go! AFR Afr is an initiative of America Family Association. It is set up to provide information, to equip...

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Best Los Angeles Radio App Review

We are at a period when you can get almost anything you wanted as long as you have your smart mobile device with you. In the past, your phone needs an in-built FM tuner to connect with radio stations, but improvement in technology has made that obsolete. If you are a proud owner of iPhones mobile device today, you can access all Los Angeles public radio without needed a tuner fitted phone. In fact, you can have the best radio in Los Angeles just by downloading free Los Angeles radio app on your phone. But does the app work...

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